Training that counts and stays with you for a long time. Because you only learn exactly what you need. Get the most out of our SAP, Microsoft, Winshuttle and Kentico trainings.

No ordinary training

Whatever your role is in your organisation, it makes no difference to us. If you want to learn, you're in the right place. We always have the right training to offer you.

Training for everyone

We believe in practical training which gives you the opportunity to gain as much experience as possible. That's why we limit theory to the bare essentials. You get straight down to the heart of things with the help of your trainer – an expert who works with the subject matter on a daily basis.

Your needs take centre stage

The form and content of our training courses are not fixed in advance. Your educational needs are our core focus, and we organise our training to meet those needs. Whether we're training a group of people or a single employee, we work with you to find the best solution. It goes without saying that we also take into account what you already know and your available budget.

Bite-size blocks

You come back from a course to find a pile of work waiting for you. Sound familiar? We do things differently.Small, bite-size blocks give you the chance to put what you've learned into practice in your own system – which we also train you in.


In these courses, we combine our best practices with available tools, so you can quickly learn how to perform your management duties.


Do you want to learn about the configuration options for the software you use? Are you preparing for certification?


There's no way around it: sometimes you have to develop additional software. There's no way around it: sometimes you have to develop additional software. Perhaps the standard software simply isn't powerful enough.


We understand that users who have to start working with new software are often surprised. That's why we position our training courses within the context surrounding the process.


Some of our blogs are also available on podcast. You can download the podcast and listen offline.

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Strike! What the bowling alley can teach us about performance support

Blog - April 16 2018, Richard Benschop, 2 min reading time

Almost two years ago, the city's bowling alley was destroyed by fire. It has now been resurrected, with no less than 24 lanes and an automatic scoring system, meaning it is no longer possible to make mistakes – something which almost always worked to my advantage.

Students break world record at Ctac


Thirty-five students of primary school ‘De Lispeltuut’ from Hedel were given the chance to enhance their digital dexterity in a playful way and break the world record programming.