Rapid Application Development

Accelerate your digital transformation with Rapid Application Development. Surprise your customers with new and innovative forms of interaction.

Rapid Application Development

Apps and web apps help organisations stay ahead of the competition and continually respond to new developments. As a result, the demand for apps from the business world is set to increase strongly over the coming years – so strongly, in fact, that IT will not be able to meet demand. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Rapid Application Development

Organisations want to constantly surprise their customers with new and innovative forms of interaction. This is what customers expect at the very least. That means you need to be able to build new apps quickly.

If you want to develop new apps in record time, Rapid Application Development offers a solution. Rapid Application Development ideally means using a development platform that is fully integrated with your business systems. The actual coding is not done by hand; instead, apps are built using easily configurable standard blocks. Because the back end of the platform is integrated with your own Systems of Record, the data in these apps comes directly from your own source systems. A good example of a system of this kind is Mendix – a Low-Code Application Platform as a Service.

Build an app in a few weeks

Ctac has plenty of experience with Rapid Application Development. Our advisers and developers have developed a practical, flexible approach that makes it possible to quickly develop user-friendly apps and make them available to users – virtually without the help of IT. An essential part of this is the Mendix platform, which supports every phase of the software development process. An app that used to take months to complete can be ready within 6 to 8 weeks thanks to Mendix. This rapid development method increases your capacity for innovation and makes you flexible.

Ctac iPaaS

The cloud landscape has exploded. Everything is moving towards the cloud: from small solutions supporting a single task to large, integrated ERP systems, and from traditional solutions hosted by a third party to solutions running on a server in a faraway country. But how can you make sure that all those systems talk to each other and exchange data without any problems?


Do you want to be able to develop applications quickly, integrate them and adapt them to changing processes? Mendix, an advanced High Productivity Application Platform as a Service (HPaPaaS), makes it possible. Build an innovative app within weeks.

This is how you facilitate innovation

Blog - 29 August 2018, 4 min reading time

How can you stimulate innovation in your business? Recently, I joined SAP on a tour of several leading companies in the San Francisco Bay area. Each had their own way of giving direction to innovation and it turned out to be an inspiring and educational week.

Webinar - Collaboration Mendix & Ctac


Ctac works together with Mendix, a supplier of application platform-as-a-service solutions (aPaaS) used to develop and integrate applications and adapt them to changing processes in organisations.