Business Engineering

Boost your business with smart apps and integration. And exceed your customers' expectations time after time.

Business Engineering

You want to intensify your relationship with your customers and exceed their expectations time after time. Mobile apps and web applications are ideal for this purpose – provided that you can develop them quickly and then integrate them seamlessly into your system landscape.

Business Engineering

The demand from the business world for innovative applications, mobile apps and web applications is growing exponentially. With these apps, organisations can stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly to new developments. At the same time, more and more organisations are choosing to move their business systems to the cloud.

These two developments pose an exciting challenge. Do you want to offer high quality apps? If so, they need to work seamlessly with your business systems. In many cases, this requires customisation, but cloud solutions are standard systems that offer little room for adjustment or customisation.

Gartner's Pace-Layered Model

Research agency Gartner makes the distinction between different types of systems in organisations very clear. Gartner distinguishes between Systems of Record, Systems of Innovation and Systems of Differentiation. The result: smart, layered architecture that contributes to your success.

  • Systems of Record are your business applications. These are the solutions that support your standard processes. Above all, these systems need to be stable and undergo few changes. They are the foundation of your organisation.
  • Systems of Differentiation are smart solutions that you use to stand out against your competitors.
  • Systems of Innovation are the truly innovative solutions that lead you down completely new and innovative paths.

Stable, yet innovative and distinctive

Do you want to build on a robust, stable foundation while supporting colleagues, partners and customers through innovative, distinctive apps? If so, it is crucial to align your Systems of Record, Systems of Differentiation and Systems of Innovation with each other as closely as possible.

Our experts can help you on your way. Our people know better than anyone which systems you can adapt and which systems you should leave as standard as possible. We also help you to quickly develop new applications and integrate them into your Systems of Record, all while keeping you close to the standard. Speed, flexibility and user friendliness are central to this.

Rapid Application Development

The demand for apps from the business world is set to increase so much in the coming years that IT will not be able to meet the demand. Rapid Application Development offers a solution.

Rapid Integration Development

Data needs to be able to flow smoothly throughout your entire organisation and must be able to be used by systems, web applications and mobile apps. How can you achieve complex integration of this kind?

Ctac iPaaS

The cloud landscape has exploded. Everything is moving towards the cloud: from small solutions supporting a single task to large, integrated ERP systems, and from traditional solutions hosted by a third party to solutions running on a server in a faraway country. But how can you make sure that all those systems talk to each other and exchange data without any problems?


Do you want to be able to develop applications quickly, integrate them and adapt them to changing processes? Mendix, an advanced High Productivity Application Platform as a Service (HPaPaaS), makes it possible. Build an innovative app within weeks.

This is how you facilitate innovation

Blog - 29 August 2018, 4 min reading time

How can you stimulate innovation in your business? Recently, I joined SAP on a tour of several leading companies in the San Francisco Bay area. Each had their own way of giving direction to innovation and it turned out to be an inspiring and educational week.

Webinar - Collaboration Mendix & Ctac


Ctac works together with Mendix, a supplier of application platform-as-a-service solutions (aPaaS) used to develop and integrate applications and adapt them to changing processes in organisations.