Real Estate

The cloud, big data, IoT, demographics shifts, urbanisation…what impact are these developments having on the sector?

The business of real estate is dealing with multiple challenges nowadays. The face of cities is changing and technological evolution is accelerating. These rapid technology developments make that real estate is no longer simply the aggregation of buildings and people. Smart cities, mobility, IoT…embrace technology and prepare for a dynamic future.

Our experts help you get a grip on the challenges in your industry. We do this by inspiring and advising you, helping you to improve your processes, and supporting you with practical solutions for all aspects of your business management.


Commercial Real Estate

The business of real estate faces multiple challenges nowadays. The increasing complexity of external conditions leads to rapidly changing markets.

Corporate Real Estate

If you want to get the most out of your buildings and all their associated facilities, a professional corporate real estate approach is a must. You also need to pay constant attention to expert building management.

Residential Real Estate

These days, when change is the only constant, housing associations must develop into efficient and effective organisations that are truly able to put the customer first.

Integrated Application Management

Rely on systems that seamlessly meet the requirements of your business and your customers, and that are available at all times.

SchipVast Testimonial

“In the past, property management was done manually. It was a time-consuming process. That is why we looked for a solution that would automate a large amount of our processes, and that could expand with our company’s building inventory as it increases. Ctac’s solution and services exactly matched our needs.”

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Facility management: 8 key trends shaping a more strategic role

Blog - May 9 2018, Sven Robbens, 3 min reading time

Facility management is often considered a necessary expense. By elevating it to a strategic level, you will optimize your resources and, as a result, be able to invest more in your core business.

Cloud - Ctac supports Vivare in its digital transformation


Housing association Vivare made a complete switch to software in the cloud. IT at Vivare is now as simple and straightforward as water from the tap. Discover Vivare's experiences in the cloud.

Shopping Centre Management Cockpit - Demo


In this short demo we highlight the added value of an IoT solution for Footfall analysis, in showing the strengths of an integrated IoT app based on a SAP back end.