How Desktop-as-a-Service makes working more fun

1 October 2018, 4 min leestijd

Technology takes us a long way. So far in fact, that we now assume that we can work smoothly anytime and anywhere. Not only privately, but also in our daily work. We always expect the same user experience wherever we are, wherever we work. And that is exactly what Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offers. In this blog you can read how DaaS gets things done.

While reading this you are most likely online. Through your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The chances are great that you after reading this blog you will stay online and visit various websites. Or sends some files. Or print something. We never even think about many of our everyday activities. That is until the connection suddenly becomes incredibly slow. Or even does not work. How frustrating! And I haven’t even started about the precious time you’ll lose.

Welcome DaaS, hello frustration

Research has shown that Belgian tax officials lose at least 14 working days a year because of ICT problems. Printers don’t print, applications are off the air, or the computer system is down. Disastrous for the officials’ user experience. And they are certainly not the only ones who encounter these problems. I regularly come across companies with such issues and from my own experience I know just how often the patience of users is put to the test.
In my previous blog I described the advantages of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). In effect, this is an online desktop. A service provider transfers the computing power of your device to a data center. And from there they provide you with all the basic functionalities, such as applications, back-ups and security. The result? A good, fast and safe workplace. Wherever or whenever you are at work. And that means no local files on your devices anymore. I will now show you how DaaS can drastically change the user experience of each user on the basis of three common ICT annoyances.
1. A slow computer
One of the most frustrating things is a slow computer. Long start-up times, programs that crash or are extremely slow, printers that don’t work: visit an average internet forum and a slow computer is at the top of the list of ICT annoyances. The cause of this lies in the computing power of your devices, which do not have the latest updates, have stored a lot of data and therefore begin to work slower and slower. DaaS takes over that computing power from your device. In addition, DaaS updates your software every other day, so you always have fast processes and the latest versions of software such as Windows and Microsoft Office. DaaS simply keeps up ahead of the game.
2. Working at home doesn’t work!
It’s great to have a day working at home, but how do you get onto the company’s network? You have a system with which you have to log in to your business environment, but the connection does not work or hardly at all. So then you use your private account for your mail traffic. Or you work with usb sticks. Okay, you're working, but is it secure? With DaaS you don’t have to ask that question. And everything’s fine with just an internet connection. Applications don’t run on your device, but in the secure data center of your service provider. As a result, your personal desktop and the associated applications and data on every device are always available.
3. Yes another change of password
You’ve finally memorised that new password. The it quickly changes again and you have to remember a new password and forget the old one. Fortunately, DaaS can do it differently. With Multi Factor Authentication, you verify a single sign-on. After logging in once, you can access all applications that are crucial for your work. In addition, your virtual environment is centrally controlled and managed. In this way, you prevent business-critical data from becoming public.
Naturally, for a solution such as DaaS, there are also conditions to get the optimal user experience. While the solution is plug & play for the average knowledge worker, for example, a graphic designer will still have to deal with the local computing power of drawing programs. But don’t worry, because DaaS enables users to quickly switch between devices in the cloud and local applications.

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