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The complexity of business processes in multi-cloud environments continues to increase. Security and cloud integration are the main challenges. The right strategy is therefore key.

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Application Management

Application Management

You want to exceed your customers' expectations time and time again. New technologies are being developed, and customer requirements are changing – as are the requirements of your business. This calls for systems that are perfectly maintained.

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Expertise in various branches

Throughout the years and based on concrete customer cases, Ctac has built business and IT expertise in different branches. Our teams excel in their knowledge about our customers and their processes. The solutions we propose are industry-specific.

Your customer expects you to surprise him all the time

Today’s customers always want more: more personalised offers and deals that are more relevant and more consistent across channels.

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Half year figures 2018: Ctac continues upward line in first half of 2018

August 9 2018, 9 min reading time

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The positive developments that were already visible in the first quarter continued in the second quarter. This resulted in 5% higher turnover and 12% more profit in the first half of 2018.

Where are the traffic jams in your organization?

August 13 2018, Hans Gootjes, 4 min reading time

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It is the holiday season, a time in which we travel to France, Germany or other destinations en masse. But no one going on a holiday will prepare for this trip by only checking one motorway for possible traffic. It is about the route that you will take as a whole, and the different roads and countries you will pass through. Where are the roadworks? Are there alternative routes? Business processes require exactly the same way of thinking.

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